February 25th talk: The Scudamores in the 18th and 19th centuries


 Kentchurch Court  – home of the Scudamores 

Heather Hurley, a well known local historian will talk about the Scudamore family. The Scudamores arrived in Ewias in the 12th century and have been associated since then with Holme Lacy and Kentchurch. Heather will talk about their more recent fascinating history.

Start: 7.30pm

Entrance: £3 members, £5 visitors

For more details contact Ian on ianstead20@hotmail.com or 873170 or 07833137096


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January 2020 talk: The Civil War in Herefordshire: Tuesday 28th 7.30pm


David Whitehead talking to an audience of about 30 who found it fascinating.

Our January 2020 talk was given by David Whitehead and was about the Civil War in Herefordshire.  David is an eminent local historian and gave excellent presentation demonstrating the strong local links with major developments of the civil war.

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November Talk: Half-Timbered Herefordshire

Tuesday 26th November 7.30pm

A short AGM was followed by an illustrated talk given by Penny Platts.


This was an extremely enjoyable and entertaining talk. We learnt many unexpected and interesting facts about the development and construction of half timbered buildings in the County. All members present thoroughly enjoyed the event.

At the AGM the accounts were presented and approved. The committee were reelected with the exception of Marlene Kitto who has stepped down. Enid Bullock (Bully) kindly agreed to become the new treasurer. Marlene was thanked for her contribution and hard work over the past four years.

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Longtown Visit: 19th August

History Visit
Monday 19th August




Longtown Castle was built in the 1180’s by the Norman lord, Walter de Lacy, inside a rectangular earthen enclosure that may date to the Roman occupation of Britain. It has a fascinating history and we will be shown round by a member of the team who have carried out a community archaeology project.



Afterwards we will visit the nearby Clodock Church by the river Monnow. This beautiful Norman church contains many interesting features including a C9th gravestone, mediaeval wall paintings and an unusual pulpit. Not to be missed!

Meet at the Village Hall at 1.00pm on Monday 19th August to arrange car shares.
Cost £5 to allow a donation to the Longtown Castle trust and to offer a contribution towards drivers’ costs.
Please let Ian know if you would like to join the visit on
873170 or 07833137096 or email ianstead20@hotmail.com

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SNODHILL VISIT: Monday 22th July


Snodhill Castle is a mediaeval castle commanding the Golden Valley near Dorstone. We will be shown round by a member of the trust which has been restoring the castle in the last couple of years to make it safe and accessible to the public. Before we go to the castle we will have a brief look at Dorstone Castle, a fine example of a motte and bailey. Afterwards we will visit Arthur’s Stone, a nearby Neolithic burial chamber with wonderful views.

I have recently spoken to Prof Julian Thomas of Manchester University and Prof Keith Ray of Cardiff University who are jointly leading the Dorstone Dig. They have confirmed that we will be very welcome if we visit the site on Monday.

Meet at the Village Hall at 1.00pm. Car shares will be arranged. Only moderate fitness required to climb the small hill to the castle. Charge £5 for fuel and donation to Snodhill Trust.

For further details and to book in please contact Ian on ianstead20@hotmail.com, or 873170 or 07833 137096


Meet at Village Hall by 1.00pm, expected return c 5.00pm.
We will be shown around Credenhill Iron Age Hillfort by Tim Hoverd of Herefordshire Council Archaeology. Credenhill is the biggest hillfort in Herefordshire and the second biggest in the country. It is very impressive and fascinating.

We will arrange lifts and car shares on the day.Cost £5.

Please let me know of you would like to come so we can organise transport etc. You will need a reasonable level of fitness to walk round Credenhill, there are also a few small climbs.  For further details contact Ian on 873170 or 07833 137096 or ianstead20@hotmail.com.


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April DHG Committee

Below is a summary of the topics discussed recently by the committee.
Present: Ian, Chris, Marlene,  Brian, Margot.
1. Summer Programme suggestions: Dorstone Snodhill, tump, Arthur’s Stone, Bredwardine, dig. Longtown Castle; Credenhill; Llangarron, Rev Jones; Kentchurch. Try to get knowledgeable guides.Suggestions from members, get idea of support, IMS draft message to members.

2. Winter Programme suggestions: David Whitehead Hfds and Civil war; River Voices: Marsha O’Mahoney, Mediaeval Houses of Hereford new book author, Penny Platts, More ideas please. Trellech mediaeval town for 2020.

3. East Ridge Project: Dr Keith Ray had questioned long term possibility at present, he is committed  to Dorstone for the near future.  Field walks after ploughing next best thing. IMS tell KR, TH.

4. Finance: £6410 current balanceMarlene advised that she wishes to resign as treasurer at the AGM. she was warmly thanked for her contribution.

5. Rotherwas Together Hidden Gems bid . Ian had been to the Rotherwas Together meeting.  We support their funding bid for a hi tech app for  a Rotherwas history trail in principle but want to ensure that it integrates with our Heritage Trail. Ian to contact RT.

6. Membership: Down 6, 1 new. Encourage more with summer programme.

7. AoB
Dinedor Camp: Margot said how much better it was looking.
TESCO: reminder to all to shop at local Tescos and get tokens and vote for Dinedor Camp funding!
Links with Fownhope project? Margot to get more details


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Dear Heritage Group members,

At recent meetings your committee raised the possibility of organising some summer visits to local historic sites . We have come up with some possibilities and would like to hear from you to gauge the level of interest.

All of them are in Herefordshire and can be reached by car in about half an hour. We would meet at the Village Hall at say 12.30pm, probably on a weekday, and arrange lifts and car sharing. There will be varying levels of fitness required and this is explained in more detail in the individual suggestions. For each visit we will try to arrange a suitable person, say a member of the appropriate history society, to show us round. Those joining each trip would pay £5, this would allow a contribution to the local society or guide and would cover fuel costs for those driving. If possible tea and biscuits will be available afterwards.

Summer Programme suggestions:

Dorstone: within a short distance of each other there is a perfect example of a mediaeval motte and bailey mound and the recently reopened Snodhill Castle, which while not big, is fascinating and in a lovely location. Not far away are Arhur’s Stone neolithic burial chamber and the site of the Dorstone dig, which we may get a guided tour round. This visit would require sufficient fitness to walk up a short, fairly steep slope and round the grounds of Snodhill Castle.

Longtown Castle; this is an unusual round castle keep set in what is now known to be a Roman marching camp. Nearby is Clodock church, one of the most interesting mediaeval churches in the area with a C9th tombstone and ancient wall paintings. This trip requires sufficient fitness to walk around the grounds of the castle and climb steps to the keep.

Credenhill: only six miles west of Hereford Credenhill is the largest Iron Age hillfort in Herefordshire and the second biggest in England. It can be clearly seen from Dinedor Camp. The encircling defensive bank and ditches are most impressive and can be walked round. There are also magnificent views from the centre. This is a walk of about an hour and a half and requires a reasonable level of fitness to cope with the distance and a few ‘up and downs’ around the ramparts.

We have had other suggestions, such as local manor houses, Kentchurch Court etc, if you have any good ideas please let us know. 

To help us gauge the likely support for these ideas or to suggest any others please contact Ian on ianstead20@hotmail.com or on 07833 137096 or 01432 873170.

We look forward to hearing from you.



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Next Event: HARC visit

Our next event is a visit to HARC, Rotherwas on Tuesday 26th February. This is a chance to see the way HARC preserves and displays a vast variety of historic documents about the area. Arrive HARC at 7.20pm or if you need a lift let Ian know on 07833 137096 or ianstead20@hotmail.com.



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New Professor Keith Ray talks to DHG


Keith Ray spoke to the Heritage Group on Tuesday 29th January about the Saxons in Herefordshire. It was, as always from Keith, both fascinating and entertaining.

We were delighted to learn that Keith has very recently been appointed as a visiting professor at Cardiff University Department of History, Archaeology and Religion. This is well deserved and we congratulate him.

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Next Event: The Black Death!

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